Vyasa Puja 2013- Instructions for Submitting Written Offerings

We are pleased to announce that His Holiness Hridayananda das Goswami’s Vyasa-puja will be celebrated next month on November 7, 2013.

Thus, we are now collecting written offerings from godfamily, diksa disciples, siksa disciples, and well-wishers. Everyone is encouraged to contribute. Please note that the final submission deadline is Friday, October 25th.

In the past, Acharyadeva has mentioned that it would be nice if a recent picture was attached to each offering. This year, in an attempt to fulfill his request, we would like everyone to attach a recent, devotional and joyful photo along with their written offering.

Please submit your written offering along with a photo (.jpeg or .png) to the appropriate email address listed below. If after two days, you do not receive a reply indicating that your email has been received, please resend your offering to ensure a successful delivery.

Italian, Polish, etc:

A special thank you to this year’s transcription team who are compiling each offering into a stylized e-book for Acharyadeva’s pleasure.

OPTIONAL: Gargamuni Prabhu, one of Acharyadeva’s first disciples, has suggested that we also collect short, personalized videos that will then be compiled into a master Vyasa-puja video. Thus, if you would like to send a video instead of or in addition to your written offering, please contact Gargamuni for further details at / (352) 219-3899. All videos must be under ONE minute in length. Group videos are highly encouraged!

Regarding guru daksina, there is a PayPal link on that will allow you to make an online donation. Please go here.

Although the final submission deadline is October 25th, early submissions are strongly recommended. Hare Krishna & Jaya Srila Acharyadeva!