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Unavoidable War

Did Krishna command Arjuna to fight and kill without compunction?

We must understand here the historical context of this command, namely the events of the Maha-bharata. Prefatorily, the ancient Greek ambassador to India, Megasthenes, in his famous book on India, insists that Indians excel other nations in their lofty battlefield ethics. Non-combatants are never in danger, a far cry from  [Continue reading] Unavoidable War


Subordinating Living Consciousness To Dead Matter

Scientists have explained that color does not exist though we perceive it, rooted in our own limited physicality. Einstein’s “Spooky Action At A Distance” and recent discoveries in quantum physics further confirm that our perceptions of reality are not reality itself. Is reality really interpretive?

I believe that Socrates [Plato?], in the Phaedo, points out the root of the confusion here. Socrates explores the very different questions ‘how’ and ‘why’. Thus if  [Continue reading] Subordinating Living Consciousness To Dead Matter


Individuality And Spiritual Path

To me, the spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Each should listen to your own truth.

This strikes me as one of those many quotes that appeal to modern people, and sound wise, but show logical problems on closer scrutiny. Here are a few points: [Continue reading] Individuality And Spiritual Path


Initiation and Illicit Sex

I question sometimes my own motives of wanting to take initiation, if it is my ego or if it is a genuine calling. My next question is in regards to following the four principles, specifically illicit sex. I was wondering if you could be clear regarding what is expected of one that would take initiation.

Initiation is essentially a mature commitment, with mutual respect, between a teacher and student. For example, [Continue reading] Initiation and Illicit Sex